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Fri Mar 2 16:21:20 CST 2007

In the 8 shows I've been to so far,the crowd,except for the first MSG night 
have been really
into the new songs and have not showed boredom towards them.A Doctor at my 
I work at took her 9 year old to the Fort Lauderdale(Sunrise)show and she 
said she loved
it so much and her son is now obsessed with the Who.It just seems that there 
is a group
of older Who fans(I'm assuming you are in your 40's Mackey)that seem to just 
"get it".Roger and and Pete are in there 60's and you're expecting them to 
like when they were in there 30's,well, it ain't gonna happen so why not 
enjoy the
fantastic music they are playing right now minus the mic spins(Roger still 
it during PW and AJ)and he has a very cool spin dance move going on and 
Pete doesn't leap and windmill as much he sure does his share for a 62 year 
And please,don't quote Pete as saying "there will be no drinking beer".What 
f*ck,is this a concert or that locked down small town in the movie 
If anyone took my beer away from me at a show I'd kick them in the balls and
send them off :)
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bill_macq at writes:

Why is Pete being such a wimp about playing new songs? Where's that old 
arrogant and lovable "tonight is about us, you are here to see and hear us, there 
will be no drinking beer, no chatting up birds, this is all about us"? (not an 
exact quote). He needs to put that attitude into the new songs. Otherwise 
people are going to continue to sit in their seats like zombies or worse, start a 
stampede to the beer line, or even worse, start talking OVER the music like 
most of the people around me started doing this past September when the band 
launched into the "mini opera."

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