The Who: Naked Eye For Your Pleasure - Live in Phoneix 28th Feb 2007

Jim M nakedi at
Fri Mar 2 15:08:30 CST 2007

----- Original Message ----- From: "Kevin and Tania O'Neal"

> I'm bummin' NE is here today and gone tomorrow.
> For the love of God, keep Naked Eye in the set list!!!!!!!!!!!!
> <please, please, please play it in DC.>

Actually, this is exactly what they should be doing.  One night Naked
Eye...the next Relay...  This video proves it's not hard to do.  The
background screens just show the camera feeds of the band.  We don't need
produced video background for *every* song.  Some live shots are just fine.

> We're seeing more and more fan video like this.
> I'm curious, is the camera concealed, or do Pete and Roger not care?

I could have easily taken this sort of video with my digital camera.  It's
annoying to hold the thing up for a whole song, though.  I'm not sure I'd
try to bring a camcorder in, if that's what you're thinking.

> Thanks again, Duke.
> Great video.


Jim M

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