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Fri Mar 2 11:50:43 CST 2007

No Naked Eye.  That would have been a most appreciated song.
  Nothing really jumps out this morning to add, 'cept that although I rated the overall concert a 7, Pete and Roger's performance was higher than that. 8.5.  Great energy, great chemistry, enjoying themselves.  At times though, I heard Simon's harmonies but no melody and it didn't sound that great, I love Simon too.  Also, Rabbit's playing of the organ a few times stood out and it sounded sooooo good.  I really love Rabbit.
  Zak was his usual explosive self, he gets a 9.5.
  Roger did an intro to RGLB, talking about how when he was 11, there was one man that completely inspired him to do what he is doing and that is Elvis.
  I kind of hoped Pete would have said something special before Man in a People Dress, because there is so much that can be said before that song.  Man in PD and Tea and Theatre were really strong, the rest of EW, IMHO was not as good last night as it was at the Bowl last November.  I think that is the primary reason why it got an overall 7.0.
  On Roger's birthday, I saw two smallish signs and Pete started the show telling everyone it was his birthday.  On two occasions, I heard the crowd start singing "happy birthday", but unfortunately, they didn't hear it on stage or maybe the lack of the abilit for spontaneity played a part? was too bad they did hear it, because it would have been really cool, if they would have completely stopped the show while the crowd was singing Happy Birthday.  It almost happened.
  During the "snowflakes", I hoped that I'd see some fan throw paper snowflakes in the air, but no one did :(  Only snowflakes on the screen.
  The good friend I went with got incredible pictures, almost 100 of them.  I'll share a few if possible.
  I did have one small observation about the whole "computerized show being the reason for lack of spontaneity" issue.  During the My Generation jam, the montage of videos replayed twice (that I noticed) and the jam did seem somewhat extended.  I could be wrong, but could that of been a display 
  This was my first show with my new hometown of San Diego crowd, vs my old hometown crowd of LA/OC crowd.  People really let their hair down, but nothing annoying or out of control.  Maybe slightly stuffy, but overall, I like my new hometown crowd!
  More coming if I remember something relevant.
  :) Johanna rooky here.  I kept thinking, "where were Funyans back in my hay day?., these are awesome!".  Back in my hay day, my fav "I've got the munchies" food was Bob's Big Boy, Hot Fudge Cake.   Mmmmmm.
  >Johanna Johnson
>Tonights Show - SDGO
>I was also in the pot smoking crowd...maybe that is why I hit the Funyans 
>when I got home?

Oooo, Funyans.
Rooky mistake.
Captain Crunch, Honey Combs, or Crunchy Cheetos.

Thanks for the review.
Seems the new towns are still getting used to the new material.
Boston responded differently their second time around.

Was Naked Eye still in the set, at the beginning of the encore?
It made it back in Pheonix.
That's a song I'll be looking forward to in DC.

A bit worried about seeing then in DC.
My home town crowd has disappointed in the past.
Hopefully we'll have a bunch of Baltimore folk come down.  They know how to 
let their hair down!

Kevin in VT 

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