Tonights Show - SDGO

Kevin and Tania O'Neal kevinandt at
Fri Mar 2 07:20:42 CST 2007

>Johanna Johnson
>Tonights Show - SDGO
>I was also in the pot smoking crowd...maybe that is why I hit the Funyans 
>when I got home?

Oooo, Funyans.
Rooky mistake.
Captain Crunch, Honey Combs, or Crunchy Cheetos.

Thanks for the review.
Seems the new towns are still getting used to the new material.
Boston responded differently their second time around.

Was Naked Eye still in the set, at the beginning of the encore?
It made it back in Pheonix.
That's a song I'll be looking forward to in DC.

A bit worried about seeing then in DC.
My home town crowd has disappointed in the past.
Hopefully we'll have a bunch of Baltimore folk come down.  They know how to 
let their hair down!

Kevin in VT 

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