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Johanna Johnson jmljohnson3 at
Fri Mar 2 02:34:52 CST 2007

I am going to attempt to give a review, albeit Johanna style.
  On scale of 1 - 10 on how much I enjoyed the show, I'd give it a 8.5.  I was surrounded by fairly hard core fans and the energy was fantastic.  I was also in the pot smoking crowd...maybe that is why I hit the Funyans when I got home?
  Ok, nuff of that.  Now the serious stuff.
  On a scale of 1 to 10, the show scored a 7.
  Pete was very chatty.  He said he loved San Diego, and he wanted everyone to go and plant a tree to counter the effects of his group coming to town.  Pete seemed to be feeling very energetic, pounding on his chest like King Kong at one part of the show.  Lots of wind mills.  Not alot of jumping, but lots of passionate guitar playing.
  The show didn't get off to a super strong start vocally, but the crowd was very into it.  Roger seemed pleased to be on stage for his birthday and gave a really, really top show.  His voice sounded strong, but he flubbed a few lyrics in the beginning.  But, that is normal.  He really had a great show.
  The energy of the show was like a roller coaster.  It started great, first 3-4 songs, classics and crowd ate it up.  Then the new stuff and it got slower and slower, the crowd losing it's energy, the band losing its energy.
  Maybe that is why when they went back to greatest hits time, BoR, the crowd went fucking crazy.  When the song was over, the crowd hooted and hollared until Pete had to step in.  He said he didn't really know if anyone ever really knew what that song was about, but apparently we all enjoyed it.  Crowd was energized!
  Then eventually back to the new stuff and again, the crowd went flat and the band starting winding down.
  But, just when I thought there was no reviving the show, more greatest hits and the crowd again went insane.  Roger and Pete were enjoying themselves, big time.
  It was great to see Rabbit.  Not sure if people realized it was his triumphant return, but I did, and I think Rabbit was thrilled to be back, in spite of things.
  The crowd around me was singing, dancing, pounding on chairs, pounding their fists, and smoking bowl after bowl.  Lots of happy, happy people and I was one of them.
  The encore came and it sounded really, really good.  It seemed like there was alot of "jams" this show, more then I remember last time.  Of course there was the My Generation jam, and then Sparks....fucking brilliant.  I enjoyed every minute of it.
  See me feel me/listening to you was as it should be, like a prayer....the crowd ate it up.
  Then, the most anticipated part of the show for me.  Tea and Theatre.  Oh my gawd.
  I have never seen Roger sing it with as much passion as he did tonight.  It was so amazing.  I have lived for the day when I could see them do that song again live, and they gave me the gift I yearned for tonight.  Fucking awesome.
  So, that is it for tonight.  If I remember more tomorrow, I'll write it, otherwise on to In the Attic on Saturday.

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