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Thu Mar 1 22:32:57 CST 2007

"The Stones seem to strike a good balance between hits & 
rarities.  Guess it comes down to how much work you want
to put into your live act."  

- SCHRADE in Akron

A-f***ing-men, brother!!!  I've heard Billy Joel switches out 4 to 5 songs per night.  I blame The Who's stagnating setlist on Roger, who insists on keeping RGLB in the set along with WAY too much of Endless Wire.  And where the F is Young Man Blues, a live staple through 1982 and played again in 2002 prior to John's death?  It is one of the few songs that Roger can sing just like he did in his youth, and doesn't require absolute precision.  Staggers me why this isn't ALWAYS in the set.
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