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> It's not even finished!  He's only up to 1969.

my point exactly! ha. 

>> It's possible, but I think he just had so much other stuff
>> going on that he could only devote a certain amount of
>> time to writing.

true, but it's still a possibility. 

>> *That* I can understand. When asked, I had trouble remembering
>> how old I was during my mid-30s. "Is it 36 or 37? Let me do the
>> math."

don't see how that's possible, but ok.. 

>> No trouble this year, though. I'm 39. The big 4-0 hits me in August.


y know, like the rest of you, I have some memories of childhood. usually 
embarassing ones but still.   but I think with a memory like pete speaks about in 
the prologue, it either sticks with you or you repress it. possible due to 
therapy and speaking with his mother, the memory of that horrible incident came 
back, and probably others like it.  

on al gore and "an inconvenient truth": haven't seen this movie yet, do 
believe that global warming exists (seems alot do now, thanks to legit scientific 
research), but I feel very cynical when someone like al gore gets involved. 
shouldn't he have said something about this issue when running against bush in 
2000?  when a political figure gets involved with something like this, and if 
you notice they usually do so when they're not running for a political office, I 
get skeptical to say the least. still, I'm looking forward to seeing it. 

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