The Who in Phoenix Feb. 28th, 2006

Jack Simons jdsrip at
Thu Mar 1 19:12:04 CST 2007

I was in section 115 off to the left of the stage.
Those seated around me in 115 stood almost the whole
time except for a few select moments during Real Good
Looking Boy and Behind Blue Eyes (the beginning of
it). Pete and Roger seemed really connected throughout
the entire show. They still mean business. Oasis
member Zak Starkey on drums, Italian Pino P. on bass,
Somerset John Rabbit Bundrick on keys, and Pete's bro
Simon Townshend on guitar - they did not miss a beat,
not once. In regards to Simon, I thought his band
Casbah Club would have been the opening act. I was
wrong. They weren't. Roger is still in great shape.
Pete looked good too but with a lil gut. He kept
having to tuck his jacket in behind his red Fender
Strat. At one point, Roger said he really enjoyed the
sights of flying into Phoenix. He also talked about
being in Arizona in '67 guided around by a American
Indian. Pete claimed he was happy the show in Phoenix
came about because so many fans had been wondering if
the Who would actually come. I was one of them. He
also said he noticed how the population in Arizona has
grown saying that we are all breeders, just breeders.
All in all I loved every minute of the show, but I
really would have appreciated it if they would have
played Mike Post Theme. Afterall, it seemed like they
played almost every track off the new album, which I
didn't expect but wanted. What a treat! Further, I
felt the memory of John Entwistle could have been
better represented such as in the form of one of his
songs being played (e.g., My Wife or Boris the
Spider). Keep up the good work guys. Rock lives! 

Tucson, Arizona

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