Pete Townshend (who he?) - Brilliant

Kevin and Tania O'Neal kevinandt at
Thu Mar 1 19:11:54 CST 2007

>Scott Schrade
>Pete Townshend (who he?) - Brilllllllliant!
>> Around this same time he was seeking "the help of a therapist"
>> to try and clear the picture even more and address the abuse
>> that tended to come out in his writing and music
>Was this info from a diary entry?

Reaching into the far limits of my ever failing memory.......
I *believe* it was.  I'm thinking it was around (before) the whole Pedophile 

I have "snap shot" memories up until around 2nd and 3rd grade.  Like still 
photos or 5 second videos.
Proudly admiring a Lincoln Log House at age 2+
Bringing rakes around the back of our new house at age 3
Hitting friend in head with a brick (by accident!) as he jumped through a 
hoop around age 5+.  I was throwing a brick through a hoop!  Who told him to 
go jumping through at the same time!  I guess that's what we call in 
parenting circles..."a bad decision."
2nd grade is where things begin to flow together.

And funny, I used to think adults were idiots because they couldn't remember 
their age.
At this age, it changes so fast, who can keep up!

Kevin in VT

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