Pete Townshend (who he?) - Prologue / setlist

Keithjmoon70 at Keithjmoon70 at
Thu Mar 1 13:30:55 CST 2007

>Remember he got his own age wrong while testifying under oath a few  years 

And sometimes he states the wrong year that YBYB was released or something  
or other...
What he is addressing in his biography is slamming the core of the  condition 
of humans. He says things that we are afraid to say.  I am  thankful that 
Pete's person has always struck the *main points* of the  meaning of human life.  
He confronts real problems and seeks genuine  solutions three levels deep.  
-And I'm all ears.  He may make  mistakes along the way -because he's a fighter 
and a doer,  but I  believe what he says about someone doing those terrible 
things to him. 
Jon in Mi.

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