Roger's Birthday, tonights show

Johanna Johnson jmljohnson3 at
Thu Mar 1 05:11:59 PST 2007

I will be seeing Sara's sweetheart on his birthday, from the 11th row in San Diego tonight.  Clinched a ticket for Saturday's In the Attic too.  Life is good.
  I had such an awesome time during the one week of last November seeing the Barnes/Noble show, In the Attic and the Bowl show.  I never thought I would have a similar opportunity again, much less so soon.
  Good thing I got a huge raise at work as I was walking out the door yesterday beginning my vacation for the rest of the week. Although my adventures this week have been considerably cheaper then last year.  11th row Ipay One cost almost half of what only average seats cost at the Bowl.  Plus, no meet and greet to tempt me for In the Attic.  Plus, already have t-shirt and program from last time.  
  Although a nice juicy steak on the way to the show tonight might be in line.  Jon, you in town again??!!  So many reasons to celebrate!
  Since the set list is set, not sure if I will have anything too much to add tomorrow.  Maybe after In the Attic on Saturday though.
  MC, I think it is way cool that you will have the opportunity to see The Who on the other side of the pond.  That sounds like an awesome time :)
  I'm off :)

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