how soon we seem to forget..

Thu Mar 1 02:58:47 PST 2007

with all this talk about pete's blog / autobiography and the current tour, we 
seem to have forgotten that march 1st has fallen yet again. and we all know 
what that means...

happy birthday ron howard! 

hehe.  ok, seriously...

happy anniversery regis and Joy philbin!

wait, wrong again? 

::scrolling through march 1st birthdays on let's see, we have ron 
howard, david niven, Javier bardem, Jensen ackles. still feel I'm missing 
something.  gotta find that "celebrity birthdays" site I saved in my favorites 
list. checking now  ::scrolling:: mmmmm... oh.. "animal rescue site", haven't 
clicked in a while to help give food to needy animals....there, done it, I'm a 
generous and caring human being. ::continues scrolling:: mm, sheryl crow 
pictures.. ah-hem, distractions, distractions.. ::scrolling:: hmm, speaking of sheryl 
crow, here's that breast cancer site where, like the animal one (only a 
different cause altogether of course), you click to give free mammograms ::clicks:: 
ok, I'm going to heaven. ::continues scrolling:: celebrity birthdays, 
celebrity birthdays...  ah hell, I'll do it the old fashioned way. typing it in AOL 
search. ::types and clicks:: ah, found it. "FAMOUS birthdays", ha! I was WAY 
off!  ::site comes up:: hmm, picture of gilbert gottfried. why? dunno. I find 
him funny anyway.  ok, march.. ::clicks:: now, if I learned anything 
mathematical in my life, it's that "1" comes before all the rest of the numbers in the 
correct order.  march 1st, here we are. let's see. alan thicke? no.. donovan 
patton whoever he is. booker T., nah, russell wong..k.. nik kershaw, sounds 
familiar, robert conrade, harry carey, glenn miller! that it? well, keep looking.. 
mark-paul gosselaar, pete rozelle, ralph ellison. harry belafonte! yay!  
that's it!   no wait.. ::stares....blushes::


"you're as young as you feel very old"

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