Two Stones Crew Members Killed (no Who)

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Fri Jun 29 23:11:50 CDT 2007

A few years ago I attended a David Bowie show and as we settled in our seats 
their was a buzz
in the crowd and I heard people talking about an incident with a stagehand.It 
turned out that
a roadie climbed the rope steps without a harness and fell to his death after 
hitting the edge
of the stage on the way down.They made an announcement that the show was 
and will not be made up.It was a horrible experience.Roadie work is so 
dangerous and not
thought about much from the general concert going population.I say a prayer 
for the friends
and family.
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>>>>>>Stones 'Saddened' By Crew Deaths

Two workers were killed dismantling the stage after a Rolling Stones 
concert in Madrid, local police have confirmed. 

Two other stage hands were injured in the accident at the Vicente 
Calderon stadium and are now in hospital. 

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