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sroundtable at aol.com sroundtable at aol.com
Fri Jun 29 20:31:34 CDT 2007

>Roger's voice - I'll believe these fan reports of it being back in trim when I 
>hear a good quality recording from the current tour. Can anyone point me in the 
>right direction (URL) to hear one? 

Well, "back in trim" is a relative term.? His voice has been very inconsistent on this tour, and even on his good nights he is clearly not what he was even in 2004.? There was a great rendition of The Real Me from Madrid, I believe (may have been Lisbon, Portugal), in which Roger sounded good.? Of the 4 shows I saw in the states in 2006, Houston, TX was the best overall,including Roger's voice.? Oddly, he sounds better on the DVD than the CD.? I've gotta believe that this is it for The Who as a live act, as Roger just can't do justice to far too many of the songs.


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