Sing with an American accent.

Scott Schrade schrade at
Thu Jun 28 19:14:50 CDT 2007

> It wasn't the mix that sucked...they rented amps for 
> that show so they didn't have fly their own equipment 
> in being they were in debt at the time....

True, & this must be considered when evaluating the band's
sound.  But it's always seemed to me that the other acts had
a better, clearer, more balanced sound whereas The Who 
mix sounded at once muddy & weak.

I have the 4-cd box set that Rhino put out back in the 1800s.
This new 2-disc release will be a nice refresher for me.

> Keith owned that show wow was he a bad ass,,,,,,,

Fuck yeah, he did!  He's like a fuckin' dynamo back there!
And all those stick bounces off his drum heads!  Man, what
it must've been like to have been there....

And I was thinking.....the *studio* version of "Summertime 
Blues" (ODDS & SODS reissue) is sung with a way over-
the-top American accent.  In this case, one sounding very
country-like & hillbilly-ish.

Daltrey gives the studio WGFA a strong American twang, 
too, IMO.

But we can't forget all the times The Who sang with de-
cidedly British accents:  "Dogs," Keith on "Bell Boy," Pete
on "Long Love Rock" live in 1982, parts of "A Quick One."
Any more?

- SCHRADE in Akron

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