Sing with an American accent.

william sturm hapijac at
Thu Jun 28 17:14:12 CDT 2007

It wasn't the mix that sucked...they rented amps for that show so they didn't have fly 
their own equipment in being they were in debt at the time....Keith owned that show
wow was he a bad ass,,,,,,,

> From: schrade at> To: thewho at> Subject: Re: Sing with an American accent.> Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 22:48:43 -0400> > > NB: this 40th Anniversary Monterey Pop Festival 2CD is certainly > > recommended. > >> > 7. Section 43 - Country Joe & the Fish > > Oh yes, mama! Amazon said mine shipped today!> > > I was playing my new Monterey Pop Festival CD. Summertime > > Blues starts, and I can't believe it's The Who singing - they sound > > so American!> > You're so right. And may I add -- it's Entwistle & Daltrey who> contribute most to this. Entwistle is *way* up in the vocal mix.> > (A lot of The Who's performance at Monterey is mixed weird.> They seem to have gotten the shaft as far as sound was con-> cerned.)> > Listen to the '73 TALES FROM THE WHO boot. You'll> hear Entwistle a' gettin' very American-soundin' singin' the > backups in "See Me, Feel Me."> > LONG LIVE THE OX!> > I wore my "skeleton Entwistle" shirt tonight. And let's not forget > our dear sweet Moonie....he's dead, too....> > > - SCHRADE in Akron> > _______________________________________________> TheWho mailing list> TheWho at>
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