Sing with an American accent.

Scott Schrade schrade at
Wed Jun 27 21:48:43 CDT 2007

> NB: this 40th Anniversary Monterey Pop Festival 2CD is certainly 
> recommended.  
> 7. Section 43 - Country Joe & the Fish  

Oh yes, mama!  Amazon said mine shipped today!

> I was playing my new Monterey Pop Festival CD.  Summertime 
> Blues starts, and I can't believe it's The Who singing - they sound 
> so American!

You're so right.  And may I add -- it's Entwistle & Daltrey who
contribute most to this.  Entwistle is *way* up in the vocal mix.

(A lot of The Who's performance at Monterey is mixed weird.
They seem to have gotten the shaft as far as sound was con-

Listen to the '73 TALES FROM THE WHO boot.  You'll
hear Entwistle a' gettin' very American-soundin' singin' the 
backups in "See Me, Feel Me."


I wore my "skeleton Entwistle" shirt tonight.  And let's not forget 
our dear sweet Moonie....he's dead, too....

- SCHRADE in Akron

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