Kim & Lester's Wembley Review

Dereck Evans delbut98 at
Wed Jun 27 09:24:29 CDT 2007

What they didn't put in -and it's a big one - is that
Pete got so frustrated with equipment not behaving he
took off his guitar and threw it from the side of his
amps back through the rear of the stage, while he was
brought a new one. this happened, i think, during
AWAHAW or the seeker. He was twiddling with his foot
switches throughout the 3 openers and was not happy
with what he was hearing. So it had to go. He strapped
on cream-coloured no 7 and continued on his way.

I agree with the rest of their review. Rog's voice was
back and Pete played brilliantly. Zak was well up in
the mix- loudest i have heard him for ages. While
Pete's mix -for the first few songs was quite low.
(see above) 

I heard a rumour that Pete and Rog have been arguing.
one of the presenters for the BBC at Glastonbury
reported that Glastonbury was almost cancelled by the
Who because of it. then, in the pub pre gig last night
i spoke to one of the Charlatans crew who said that is
is all about who has the biggest Mobile home. go
figure. 9apparantly Rog has bought one. I didn't put
much in to this guys "inside knowledge" but put it
here to see if anyone else has heard anything?

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