Kim & Lester's Wembley Review

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Tue Jun 26 19:56:46 CDT 2007

Thank you Kim & Lester,great stuff as always and on
top of the game whilst other's are still out boozin' :lol

I copied this off of the RELAYERS site:
Kim & Lester wrote:
Now that really was a fantastic show - probably the best of the 11 we have 
seen so far...........
Roger was in great voice, after a couple of days rest, Pete really
fired up for a home town crowd,
and the venue was packed to capacity a veritable Who sell out. The Who
in all forms have always
lifted their game for London shows: PT - 'this is the last but one
show we are doing in the UK on this tour,
and we are so glad we are doing the last two here.....'. The whole
band seemed more attentive, more up for it in general.
Simon changes instruments a lot in these shows, probably more than
Pete, and he played and sang
exceptionally well tonight.
Some ill advised black humour about Glastonbury, and some rebukes on
Pete's banter at that concert
returned to their sources, with added interest!
PT: I got some stick because I mentioned that was taken to mean I had
invented the Internet, let me say now,
I did NOT invent the internet, I merely wrote songs that may have
anticipated its invention.....Peter f*****
Paphides are you listening....but anyway look what the Internet has
turned into - what a pile of crap.......
PT: As we expected, it was quite a hard job to top Shirley
Bassey.....actually me and Roger did some work on her
helicopter, but it did it did not quite work out how and when we
expected..............but we're sure she won't be so much of threat
at the next Glastonbury........
(SB's helicopter pilot hit a pocket of very bad weather near London,
on the way back from Glastonbury was forced downwards,
clipped some treetops, and having lost a friend who was piloting a
helicopter carrying a Chelsea football executive back to the
Peterborough area a few months back, which ended with fatalities, he
decided to radio on, and landed SB and entourage safely on a
school playing field. Dame Shirley's at the festival was absolutely
divine, she has been renowned for great performances throughout
he career, we've seen her a good few times, even once in Oman)
The W&G segment was back in tonight, great Real Me, after the band
intros, 'now Zak has to do something special here...'
Pete did a great acoustic Drowned in his solo spot.
Roger: Thanks, you have been really great tonight, we are so
lucky.........we are lucky to be here at all, let's face it, all of
you, Be Lucky........
Tonight was one of those occasions that served to again remind why we
all hold this band so close to our hearts, and why we all do whatever
it takes to get to shows and support them, this derivation of the band
are truly at the very top of their game at this time. One more to go
for us......

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