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Hi  Toby,
Is that an American accent or a British accent?If you prefer a Brit accent 
then you probably
prefer British New Wave of the early 80's.If you prefer an American accent 
then you can
listen to classic rock of  both American bands and British bands according to 
Pete :) ~~Mike.
Pete wrote on his blog:
"Singing in an American accent? This is SUCH an interesting question. You may 
have noticed that when Punk happened in the UK in the mid '70s, the singers 
began singing in English accents. Prior to that time the only singers that 
occasionally allowed an English inflection were Ray Davies and Mick Jagger 
(especially on Aftermath).

There is a reason we sang, and still sing, using American accents. We perform 
rock 'n' roll. This form of Pop Music came from the USA. The entire basis of 
this music was gathered from simple R&B and Folk Music with a little 
cleverness thrown in sometimes. The rules were clear - 

1. Simple music. 
2. Must be able to dance to it (or at least jump up and down to it).
3. It must make you forget your worries, even if only for a short time. 
4. Use as few chords as possible.
5. Sing with an American accent.

Have you noticed that Opera singers all sing with the same accent? I think 
I'd call it a 'posh' accent, a kind of upper-crust accent. This is almost a 
rule. For an English rock star to sing with an American accent is to be respectful 
to the genre and the birthplace of rock 'n' roll. New artists might use 
different accents. But Roger and I are too old, and connected with the first 
discovery of this music, we respect its roots too much, to change.
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>>>>>I hold the word "great" at its definition.  I do not consider, thought I 
like them, the Smithereens as great.  What is their impact, what is their 
legacy?  With this in mind, I hold 3 above no order

Creedance Clearwater Revival
The Doors

I overwhelmingly prefer rock with an English accent.

That is it,


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