Who at Glastonbury

Martin Bailey mobailey at ntlworld.com
Mon Jun 25 16:47:58 CDT 2007

I'm watching The Who's performance at Glastonbury from last night, which was 
shown on Channel 4.  I was expecting Channel 4 to just show a few songs, but 
they've played 40 minutes of it so far - it looks like they're showing the 
whole show!

The crowd are loving it.  Despite the pouring rain.

Introducing Zak, Pete said: "last time he was here, he was playing with 
another band.  But he's ours now!  (Because he's cheap,)"

Songs so far:
  a.. ICE
  b.. Seeker
  c.. AAA
  d.. Fragments - Pete said it was about the internet, which he invented, 
and Glastonbury wouldn't exist without the internet, so he invented 
Glastonbury too... yeah, right.
  e.. Who Are You - seems much faster.  In the middle of song, everyone just 
stopped, and Pete played a jam completely solo
  f.. BBE - Roger on pointless acoustic guitar.  Roger's voice struggling a 
bit.  Pete watching Roger closely, singing louder to cover up Roger's 
cracked voice.  Roger's wearing a scarf (to protect his throaht?) and a 
thick jumper. In contrast, Pete is in a thin white shirt with only about 
three buttons - showing a lot of flesh.
  g.. BO'R.  The crowd love them now.
  h.. Relay - Pete says this is about the internet too (give it a rest)
  i.. YBYB
  j.. My Generation - big cheers for Pino's bass solo, deservedly
  k.. Roger starts singing about "hope I die, hope I cry"... but the jam 
goes doesn't go into Cry If You  Want, instead:
  l.. WGFA suddenly starts.  Roger forgets to sing "we won't gert fooled 
again" just before the instruemental break.  And then looks bewildered - 
like "why did I forget to sing that?".  At the end of the song, the crowd go 
  m.. TKAA.
  n.. PW
  o.. AJ
  p.. Sparks
  q.. SM, FM - by this point, Roger's voice is fautless.  At the end, Roger 
sang: "Listenning to you.  And you.  And you.  And You", as in "Belong to 
you, and you, and you" from Fragments.  Nice touch.
  r.. T&T.  Really worked.
Channel 4 have just shown the entire concert!  90 minutes!  Awesome,

The Who have now played all the top festivals over the world: Montery, 
Woodstock, Isle of Wight, Live Aid, Live 8, and now Glastonbury.  There's 
nothing left for them now.

Glastonbury is the most imporatnt music festival in the UK.  In 2007, The 
Who have RULED over it.


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