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> In references to THIRD OF NEVER featuring Jon Dawson,yes,the new CD has 
> Rabbit playing
> on it and a member of the Smithereens.Its a good cd from the samples Ive 
> heard.

oh.   well, that's cool that rabbit is considered a member of the who instead 
of like a "sideman" if you will.   and I don't recall a Jon dawson being in 
the smithereens..  kinda shows you how not TOO familiar I am with their 
history. he's nt in the band NOW anyway, that's for certain.   speaking of which, the 
smithereens' lead singer pat dinizio has a website where a whole variety of 
news and articles is posted, and I found one that hasn't been posted here I 
don't think: pete townshend's daughter emma reflecting on her "extraordinary 

 See what's free at

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