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歌手姓名:Third of Never 
唱片公司:Jam Recordings 
发行日期:June 21 2007 
专辑流派:Rock/ Powerpop 
Featuring members of THE WHO and THE SMITHEREENS, a modern record that 
incorporates timeless sounds. Crashing guitars, full harmonies, and powerhouse 
drumming. A concept album for the new millenium. 
The debut album from THIRD OF NEVER had it's start as a script. Guitarist Jon 
Dawson, who had grown frustrated with the musician pool in his native North 
Carolina, was working on a project that would incorporate live rock and roll, 
film, and a stage play. " I was having a hard time finding musicians that would 
dedicate themselves to the usual amount of work that it takes for a band to 
work, so I wanted to devise a new way to put the songs on display, so the 
original idea was to create a story that could be told through a song cycle. The 
performance would take place in a theatre with actors putting on a play, and 
between scenes the band would play a song that moved the story along, and at the 
same time transitional films relating to the play would be projected. The 
songs were recorded in demo form and a rough script was drafted. It actually made 
it to the workshop stage through the efforts of friends in New York, but a 
chance meeting with Kurt Reil of the Grip Weeds turned my attention back to the 
idea of a traditional band situation." 
01. Mystic Slide 
02. Bag of Boxes 
03. DJ 
04. Wide Awake Sleeping 
05. Redneck Riviera 
06. Chalk Salad 
07. Let My Love Open The Door 
08. Segue 
09. Deep Run 
10. Everyday Is A Lonely Night 
11. Taboo Stu 
12. Anybody's Anything 
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I found the above listed sight, and I know that involves our album  
somehow, but it's in Chinese(?), and I've tried several language  
translators to no avail.  Any help would be appreciated.

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