Top 3 American Bands - OH YES Hendrix!

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Fri Jun 22 14:30:33 CDT 2007

>Scott Schrade
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>> So - I would say that Jimi was "adopted" by the UK.
>Agreed.  Gun to the head, The *Jimi Hendrix Experience*
>is a British band.

< ! >
Turn Coat!

>But, again, sometimes I think of Hendrix as a solo artist.
>And he was definitely moving in an American direction
>when he died.

Only a partial redemption.....
Now, step aside.  I have my sword, and I won't back down!

While Martin wants to look at the 3 years of Experience, I'd like to remind 
you *both* of where the man came from.
This wasn't a British Band taking the American Blues and emulating 
(advancing?) it. This was a man *bringing* the American Blues and 
"Experience" to the UK.
The Jimi Hendrix Experience *was* the American Experience.
This was without a doubt an American Band that happened to have two British 
blokes participating in the presentation.
>From the deep South, to the streets of HARLEM, James Marshal Hendrix was 
influenced, shaped, formed, frustrated, you name it by the US.  This wasn't 
a band taking the UK experience and putting it to American Blues, it was the 
American Experience, presented by an American writer, performed with the aid 
of two UK musicians, and marketed in the UK.
It was so much so, that this same culture and experience pulled the man back 
to his origins the moment our svincter-clenched society was relaxed enough 
to accept what *we* created.  It just so happened that UK society at that 
time was much more accepting of the cultural change than we were.  We were 
too busy clenching!

One can not dismiss the culture from which the band (writer?) is created.

With that, I re-sheath my sword.

Oh, and I still haven't seen one US band that could replace any of the Top-4 
all time bands (Beatles, Stones, Who, Zep).
The Doors have always been #5 in my book.

OH!  And, I think marketing has a bunch to do with the band vs. solo singer.
Elvis started it.  Everyone wants to be Elvis.
Now, if I wanted to be cynical, and really stir the US vs. UK pot (duck and 
cover!), I could argue that US singers have more guts and try and come out 
as solo artists right away, rather than work toward fame in a band and 
*then* try and go solo.
But, I won't.
I'll stick with my Elvis theory.

Kevin in VT

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