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> Do Americans do not work well as a team?  Do Americans  
> with talent have such big egos that they don't want to share  
> their success?

I don't think this makes the case  for a band not being as good.  I mean, 
team or not, British rock bands  just made better music.
-My top five British bands:
The Who was not a team.  They became great by competing against  one another 
on stage! They had major American influence.
Led Zeppelin worked well as a team. They took from American bluesmen and  
added power.

The Beatles may have been a team, but that didn't last and they knew when  to 
stop. Their early music sounded like Americans.  Buddy Holly,  Everly 
brothers, Chuck berry etc. No one's gonna beat the Beatles.
Now, the Stones?  (-Brian Jones) There's some  kinda team.  They rode in a 
blimp together. American blues and Chuck  Berry.  Then they did that song Hot 
The Kinks?  The Davies' can't get along.  :-(  They  made some music, now.  
British music.  About Britain. I love the  Kinks.
-American Bands?
The Doors. A truly great band. Four equal members.  Scott,  tell us about 
Grand Funk Railroad.  Those dudes kicked ass live and in the  studio.  Led 
Zeppelin's manager pulled the plug on them when they opened  for them.
Aerosmith. If that's not a team, then I don't know what is.  From Self  
Titled until Rocks this band did rock.  Then they became a power ballad  band.
Metallica.  A team. They were great until after the Black Album.  Not easy to 
stay great.
But it can be done...
The White Stripes.  They should've been an English band.  But  they're not.  
They're an American band.  They just DO what the  great British bands did...  
-Honor American blues; which will never be  beat.
Need proof?
GO BUY ICKY THUMP  -2007- and put on a new song called CATCH HELL  BLUES.  
Jon in Mi.

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