Top 3 American Bands

Scott Schrade schrade at
Thu Jun 21 12:32:27 CDT 2007

> The Doors did not last very long but wow what a time 
> it was and they are still important.

Here, here!  The Doors are definitely my favorite American
band.  They have a *3-CD* live release coming out in a few 
weeks -- Live in Boston, April 10, 1970.  Both shows.  Go 
to their website for more info....

And I find it difficult to even *think* of what other American
bands would be comparable to "The British Big Three" -- or
"Four," caving to the Zep lobby.

Even though I don't particularly like his work, Bruce Spring-
steen comes to mind.  But I consider him more of a solo artist.

Beach Boys?  But that seems so long ago.

Ramones?  Outstanding band.  But, let's be honest, sort of

Van Halen?  Another great band, but see above.

REM?  Maybe.  But now I'm desperate for a choice.

Oh well....Rule Britannia!!

- SCHRADE in Akron

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