100 towels?

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> JOSS STONE isn¢t doing herself any favours with her Devon diva antics. The 
> singer has issued eleven pages of demands for the Knowsley Hall Music 
> Festival in Liverpool this weekend... 
> ...Joss isn¢t the only one making odd demands. Townshend and Daltrey have 
> asked for 100 bath towels. 

oh gimme a break. like Joss stone is the only artist who has demanded 
anything backstage before a gig. hers seems fairly generous to me.   "the sun" is a 
tabloid like any other, always looking for an excuse to somehow destroy a 
celebrity. where's the story about amy winehouse who's supposed to be sober but has 
booze on her current tour rider and requests the crew to be sober? 

oh yeah, and sinead o' connor requires(d) a masseur for her dressing room 
which she pays for, and her room contains honey in both clear and solid form, 
champagne and cigarettes. which makes me wonder where schrade was in 2002. ; )


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