Slip covers: Cherone brothers join together in Who tribute band

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>From The Boston Herald: 

Slip covers: Cherone brothers join together in Who tribute band 
By Jed Gottlieb/ Music 
Thursday, June 21, 2007 - Updated: 05:41 AM EST 

Want to hear Gary Cherone gush like a 15-year-old rock fan? 

Just ask the former Extreme and one-time Van Halen vocalist about his favorite Who songs. Cherone immediately becomes a starry-eyed kid happy to assail you with stories of his rock ’n’ roll heroes. 

How much does he love The Who? So much that Cherone’s new job is fronting Slip Kid, a Who tribute band. The group, which includes Cherone’s guitarist brother Markus Cherone, former Extreme bassist Paul Mangone, drummer Dana Spellman and keyboardist Jeff Calder, makes its first appearance within the Boston city limits Friday at the Paradise Lounge. 

Herald: You already have fronted two major original rock bands in Extreme and Van Halen. Why do a tribute band? 

Cherone: It’s the brainchild of my younger brother Markus. It came out of the two of us being fanatical Who fans growing up. We’ve always talked about it, but scheduling never worked. Now it’s just an excuse to jam with my brother. Originally we envisioned doing a night of “Who’s Next,” but the band has so much great material we quickly moved to “Tommy” and “Live at Leeds” and more. 

So you and Markus never played together? 

No, not until this. When Extreme was coming up, Markus was actually in a band with (Extreme guitarist) Nuno Bettencourt’s brother called Flesh. They had some local success and moved out to L.A. and we brought them on tour, but they would always be compared to the first Cherone/Bettencourt so it was tough for Mark. 

You’re a pro, but The Who is a really hard band to cover. 

I think it would almost be easier to do Zeppelin because there’s a little more conformity in their arrangements. With The Who there’s a lot of information even before “Tommy.” Once we dove into doing “Tommy” we were like, “Wow, we’re over our heads here.” (Laughs.) 

Are you dressing in puffy shirts, British invasion style? 

We’re not dressing up like them or swinging our microphones around or anything like that. We’re a tribute to the music. 

What’s your favorite Who record? 

It’s hard to say. Right now I’m in a “Tommy” phase. Back in the day I was more of a “Quadrophenia” fan. It was tighter, the production was a little better and it’s got “The Real Me,” a song I’ve done with almost every band I’ve been in. In fact, I’ve done a Who cover in every band I’ve been in. Even during my stint in Van Halen we used to jam on Who covers during rehearsals. 

Beyond Slip Kid, what are you doing musically? 

My brother and I just put a project called Hurtsmile together and have put three songs up on our MySpace [website] page. And actually Nuno and I are talking and a few months ago I went out to L.A. and we wrote some songs together. There’s something in the future, but the big question is pinpointing a time. I think his run with Satellite Party (Bettencourt’s band with Perry Farrell) will open some doors for us to actually do some new music. 

So you guys are still buddies who talk regularly? 

Oh, yeah. Everyone is talking. We know there’s a future for us. We did that little tour last year and if I had my pick we would have extended it. But there will be more Bettencourt and Cherone music. 

Slip Kid, at the Paradise Lounge, Friday. Tickets: $15; 617-562-8820. 

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