Top 3 American Bands

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Thu Jun 21 05:01:29 CDT 2007

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> There's been a lot of good US bands mentioned.  But there's only been a 
> few that I would consider
> "Great" - Simon & Garfunkle, Green Day, Ramones, Blondie, etc.

I completely agree, Martin.  *Of course* people can come up with long lists 
of *decent* American bands.  But, you started this talking about the true 
pantheon of bands.  The Beatles/Who/Stones.  There are simply no American 
bands that are in that league.  Beach Boys, CSN, Doors are as close as we 
get, and they don't measure up.

> Then I tried to think of "Great UK Solo Singers", and I came up with:
> David Bowie, Tom Jones (Bruce reminded me), Eric Clapton, and er - not 
> much more.

Elton John belongs on that list.  But you're right.  Do any British solo 
artists belong in the same sentence with Elvis & Bob Dylan?

> Why is that?  How come UK makes good bands, but US makes goods solo 
> artists?  Do Americans do not work well as a team?  Do Americans with 
> talent have such big egos that they don't want to share their success?

I'm not sure what the reason is, but I think it's partly a marketing thing. 
Would Petty & Springsteen have been billed separately if they were in 
British bands?  Maybe not.

Jim M 

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