Top 3 American Bands

Bruce bkawak at
Wed Jun 20 18:39:49 CDT 2007

> don't laugh, but I think the go go's and the bangles can qualify. may not
> seem so much on the surface, but if you listen deep into the music, and 
> leave out
> "we got the beat" and "walk like an egyptian" (both of which have been 
> heard
> too many times), there's some good stuff there.
> was cheap trick mentioned by the way? new york dolls?  X too maybe. the
> donnas? let's get all cali! ; )

I call those girl bands guilty pleasures. :)  I had the first Bangles LP 
long before they became MTV darlings.  Some American bands I love Allman 
Bros, Aerosmith (70s only!), Byrds, Beach Boys (to about 1970), CSN 
sometimes Y, Jimi, ZZ Top (up to about '83), Ramones, Romantics, CCR, most 
everything Stax Volt, Motown, Stooges, MC5, SRV, Little Feat, Black Crowes, 
Van Halen (Roth era), Dylan, Steppenwolf, Gov't Mule (Woody era), Santana, 
Drive By Truckers, North MS Allstars, Rose Hill Drive, on and on.


PS  - Mike, Fleetwood Mac is an English band. :) 

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