Top 3 American Bands

Keithjmoon70 at Keithjmoon70 at
Wed Jun 20 17:24:41 CDT 2007

>But, my point is: I'm still struggling to think of great US  bands.  
Thinking of a long list of great UK bands is easy.
>US music  has given the world some great songs, great musical styles, great 
singers - but  great bands?  I've really surprised myself to realise: no, not 
Martin, I agree with this sentiment. There seems to be a certain commercial  
blandness or something as compared to British bands that have such a  creative 
edge to them.
As I look in my iPod under artists, 85% of them are British.  
Of course there is one little band from Detroit that just released their  
6th, and best album yet.
Jon in Mi.

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