Top 3 American Bands

John pureneasy at
Wed Jun 20 17:04:13 CDT 2007

> > I would say that the Beach Boys would be in my "3 All-Time Greatest
> > Bands".  Along with REM and The Doors.
> > 
> > Here's a controversial thought: I couldn't think of any other US
> > that I would want in my "Top 3 American Bands".  

Todd Rundgren, I say again TODD RUNDGREN(!), Metallica, Creedence
Clearwater Revival, Ramones, Byrds, and I haven't even broken into a jog
yet thinking ........

My top 3 would be at least 5 of those .................

Stevie Wonder too, do solo artistes count?

> > And yet I could think of dozens of UK bands which could fight it out
> > a place in my "Top 3 UK Bands".

I think that's because you're British, as I am. Our cultural references
do vary from America,  

But I would instantly put  The Who, Beatles,.

I do actually share your puzzlement that while I can think - as you can
- of many, many great British bands, I also struggle to think of many
great American bands of the same stripe as say the Stones, Beatles, Who,
Zeppelin, Genesis, Pretenders, Terry Reid, Faces - in fact anything with
Rod Stewart in, Yes, Manic Street Preachers, but I have absolutely no
doubt that you and I will receive many emails from outraged Americans
quoting vast numbers of great American bands!! (in their opinion, of
course :-))



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