Top 3 American Bands

Wed Jun 20 12:13:33 CDT 2007

I mentioned several US bands but failed to mention some others that weren't 
mentioned yet, and keep in mind, yeah, some or most of these bands weren't as 
crossover as the british ones, but it dosen't mean, at least to me, that they 
weren't anything special.   

don't laugh, but I think the go go's and the bangles can qualify. may not 
seem so much on the surface, but if you listen deep into the music, and leave out 
"we got the beat" and "walk like an egyptian" (both of which have been heard 
too many times), there's some good stuff there.  
was cheap trick mentioned by the way? new york dolls?  X too maybe. the 
donnas? let's get all cali! ; )

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