Top 3 American Bands

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Wed Jun 20 09:43:20 CDT 2007

>Martin Bailey
>Top 3 American Bands
>> Here's a controversial thought: I couldn't think of any other US group 
>> that I would want in my
>> "Top 3 American Bands".

I wouldn't say that is controversial.
It's pretty obvious to me that the UK, particularly during the "British 
Invasion" has dominated rock music.
We, in the US, were too blinded by color to appreciate the roots Blues had 
grown right here under our own noses.
It took a society detached from the US and our internal strife to appreciate 
what we in the US had.
You guys opened our eyes!
And, in the process set the stage for greater understanding between the 
races here in our own country.

My top 3 are The Who, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones.  That's also 
Rock's top-three.
Ok, some will argue LedZep should be in there.  That debate will rage on 

US bands in my top three?
Marc and you have both put together a good long list of good US bands, but 
none of the stature of The Who, Beatles, Stones, Zep., Pink Floyd, U2.
With the exception of U2 (yes, I know, Irish) though, I think the US has 
been leading rock music since the 80's.  It seems we're just now seeing the 
UK get back into the mix in earnest.  Australia also seems to be kickin' it 

My favorite US bands:
Doors, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Janice J

>But, my point is: I'm still struggling to think of great US bands.

The Doors were great.
The Beach Boys were great.
The Grateful Dead were great (not my cup, but I appreciate).
Simon and Garfunkle were great.
CSN was great.
Nirvana was great.
Janice Joplin and her band (full tilt boogie) were great ("Trust Me" from 
Peal was our Wedding song....followed immediately by Get It While You Can... 
And the joint was jumpin' !!  The shocked looks from the "elders" was 
classic..perfect...and anticipated..planned?)
Some would say Bruce Springsteen was great (I never will ;-).
REM was great.
OH, and we'll take Jimi Hendrix back, thank you very much.  His bands were 
US bands in my book!  :-)

Of the above, though, only Jimi, The Doors, Nirvana and REM crossed the 
cultural divide like the UK invasion did.
Although, The White Stripes seem to be the only band currently that has both 
sides of the Atlantic paying close attention equally.  A Stripe invasion?

Changing gears.....
I want to apologize to SuperAmanda for what I wrote.
It was a bit harsh in retrospect.
My point was made, but like assholes and opinions, everyone has them, but 
that doesn't mean they need to be heard.
I'm sure Amanda has better assets she could market other than just her 

Kevin in VT 

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