Top 3 American Bands

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> The Doors,Greatful Dead,Grand Funk Railroad,Van Halen,Nirvana,The 
> Eagles,Boston,CSNY,
> Guns N' Roses(were a kickass band in the early years),Motley 
> Crue,Queensryche,REM,
> Tom Petty &the Heartbreakers,Allman Brothers,Doobie Brothers,Jefferson 
> Airplane,
> Fleetwood Mac,The Ramones,Metallica,Beach Boys,Springsteen and the E Street
> Band,Creedence Clearwater Revival,Green Day,MC5,Lynyrd Skynyrd,The Byrds,
> The Monkees,Iggy Pop &the Stooges,Soundgarden,Blondie,Velvet Underground,
> Rage Against The Machine,Chicago,Mamas &the Papas,Janis Jopin &the Big
> Brother Holding Company,Soul Asylum,Frank Zappa &Mothers of Invention,
> The Lovin' Spoonful,Foreigner,Bon Jovi,Blue Osyter Cult,Steppenwolf,Steve 
> Miller
> Band,Simon &Garfunkel,Blood Sweat &Tears,ZZ Top,Journey,Blue Image,Stray
> Cats,Everly Brothers,Nine Inch Nails,Three Dog Night,Smashing 
> Pumpkins,Heart,
> Kansas and my personal underdog fav't......TWISTED "F*CKING" SISTER!!! LOL!
> Should I go on with more?? ;)

mitch ryder and the detroit wheels, paul revere and the raiders, the (young) 
rascals, Joan Jett and the blackhearts, the runaways, blue cheer, vanilla 
fudge, alice cooper, Little anthony and the imperials, the four seasons, the 
smithereens, patti smith group, sonic youth, Love, Jane's addiction, hole (may I 
recommend their album "celebrity skin"?), the charms, barry and the remains. the 
B-52's, the talking heads. how bout those groups that came out of phil 
spector's "wall of sound"? the ronettes, the crystals, the righteous brothers, etc. 

a few of these groups, I don't have a single album of theirs but could be 
contenders for the title.  as for me, if I was to put together a "top 3" list of 
american bands, that would be really tough and unfair. just three? ha.   but 
if I was to choose the best "rock" band from america it would be aerosmith and 
the best "punk" band, definitely the ramones. 

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