Moon, surfing, and what we doing questions....

Kevin and Tania O'Neal kevinandt at
Tue Jun 19 14:56:55 CDT 2007

>Martin Bailey
>Moonsurfing, and what we doing questions....
>> it's a brilliant album.
>I've just put this CD on again.  It took a while to get into (as all "good 
>but weird" albums do), but I certainly like it now.  >Surf's Up, Our 
>Prayer, etc are just beautiful.

I'll have to give it another try.
I've tried like 4 times to get through it.
I almost made it once, but just couldn't stand it.
It reminded me of a bad clown dream.  I could picture all the scary clowns 
and their make-up!

>I much prefer "Smile" to "Pet Sounds", which I played last night.  The 
>whole world tells me I should love Pet Sounds, as it has >wonderful 
>harmonies, and captures the innocence of youth, etc.  But I just don't get 

I wonder if that perhaps is a cultural thing?  We've grown up with Beach 
Boys since as long as I can remember.
Every 4th of July for me in High School was spent down on The Mall in DC 
partying to The BBoys.
It does the best job that I know of...of capturing the surf-spirit in CA 
those days and mixes it with the counter-culture.
I see it as the bridge between the early 60's and the early 70's.  Really 
even as far back as the 50's.
Brian was right...."I guess I don't really belong in these times."

>Apart from the singles, the songs are dull.  But I feel I'm the only person 
>in the world that doesn't like it.

That's how I'm starting to feel about Smile!

Kevin in VT 

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