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I just started listening to this and, surprisingly, Let's See Action is a 
full band version.  Sounds good!  The boot only has half the song, though.

Jim M
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If anyone has an account an thetradersden boot download site, I noticed 
there's a boot of the Verona show available, where Roger's voice goes and 
Pete has to sing some of the songs.

Jim M

The Who 2007-06-11 Arena di Verona, IT (FLAC)


This is a historical document. Arena is an open space but The Who brought 
the show to a conclusion in spite the adverse weather's condition.
Disc 1: track 1-5 are before the thunderstorm
track 6 is the reprise but "Roger Daltrey's voice is gone into the cold" and 
it's seem the end of the show.
Disc 2: after forty minutes The Who come back on stage, They put the plug in 
the instruments and plays the rest of the show under the rain.

The Who - 2007.06.11 - Arena di Verona, Italy

Disc 1 [25'45"]

01. opening
02. I Can't Explain'
03. Substitute
04. Fragments
05. Who are You
06. Behind Blue Eyes
07. Roger Daltrey's Voice has gone

Disc 2 [63'07]

01. [missing...] Let's See Action
02. Eminence Front
03. Relay
04. Baba O'Riley
05. Magic Bus
06. Pinball Wizard
07. The Kids Are Allright
08. The Real Me
09. My Generation
10. Won't Get Fooled Again

AUD>Mics: 2 x DPA4061 [nevermind waterproof?] >Record: PCM on compact flash 
card by Maycom HH2nd> Dynamic Eqlz: Waves C4>Peak Unlimiter System>wav>Flac 
[level 8]
Pics: Canon EOS 30D

Taped and edit by Capaldi
Audiophile record N°109 from J-Plane vault
Original artwork included
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