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Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Fri Jun 15 23:12:37 CDT 2007

 >Joe in Philly said:

 >> ... Ok Go (Here It Goes Again)....

 > Ha! Good song!  I trust you've seen the brilliant video (on the treadmills)?
If not, get yourself over to youtube.  There's even a lego version of the
video too.


I've seen the video and saw this band in concert last November ad The 
Electric Factory in Philly.  My daughter's high school won the 
concert by beating the other schools in a charity food donation 
contest.   I was selected by her to chaperone
over my wife, because I am a music fan, and "can handle loud music 
and being close to the stage."  ha!

Anyway, I really liked the band and their stage interactions.  They remind me
of all the good things about collaborative-effort.  They genuinely looked like
they all got along with each other and were accomplished musicians without
obnoxious gimmicks.  The guy who plays bass is the least glamorous
rockstar I've ever seen in my life, but he is a go-to-guy on a couple 
of numbers
that are clearly his compositions.  They remind me of REM with respect
to their team-work.  It's refreshing.

Since WMMR hosted the concert, the legendary Philly - DJ Pierre Robert
was the MC and did the introductions.  As they performed their signature number
Here It Goes Again, as the last song. We made our way to the back of the
joint to speed our exit.  The girls found some room to mimic the treadmill
movements that they did in the video (there were no treadmills on this tour),
I watched the band from the way-back.  I look to my immediate right, and there
standing next to me is Pierre Robert.  I turned to him and said thank you for
hosting the concert, and that it was refreshing to see 4 lads on 
stage that seem
to get on well and have a chemistry that's hard create on purpose.  I said it
reminds me of the early Who in that regard.   His face lit up at the mention of
The Who (Pierre is a big Who fan, and has had more than a few interviews
with Pete on WMMR).  He agreed.   I said, "Have a good evening, citizen."
"Hello Citizen", is his favorite greeting to people.

Okay Go is OK!

Joe in Philly   

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