Moon, surfing, and what we doing questions....

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Fri Jun 15 15:28:00 CDT 2007

Kevin said:

> So, I've been listening to the new Brian Wilson (new like last year)
> album Smile, and honestly just can't get through it.

Just today, someone saw a copy of that same CD on my desk at work, and made
a poor joke: "surely that should be Brian Wilson's 'Drool'".

I like that CD though - especially in sunny weather like it has been.

I've also been listening to Kinks today, while driving in hot sun.  There's
something about The Kinks that just works really well in hot weather -
"Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon".  It reminded me that the first ever single I
bought was "Come Dancing" by the Kinks - in about 1982.

I moved house a few weeks ago, and I've been doing up the new place.  Been
listening to lots of Beatles while I've been doing it: "Fixing a Hole".
Yesterday I played the original Yellow Submarine CD (for the first time in
ages), and I couldn't believe how many good songs were on there that I'd
forgotten about: Bulldog, Northern Song, even Its All Too Much which I've
never even noticed before.

But mostly I've been listening to Hendrix in the last few weeks.  Seen a lot
of programs on TV that happen to be about him lately, and that's resparked
my interest in him.

(Strange - this is all 60 music - usually I'm more up-to-date.)

My last Who?   Endless Wire too.  A few weeks ago.


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