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Here em São Paulo, Brasil, when I'm lost in traffic jams, I've been
listening to loads and loads of mod bands from the 60's (Les Fleur de Lys,
Small Faces, Creation, Kinks, Action, Birds - the one from UK, with Ron Wood
on lead guitar -, John's Children, Artwoods, Smoke and many others), from
late 70's (Jam, Merton Parkas, Mods) and from the 90's/00's (Chicos del
Sabado - from Spain -, Charts  - from Brasil - and Badge - this one is an
incredible japanese act!).

My IPod also leads me to psychedelic stuff, mainly when I'm home, and some
Oasis/Kaiser Chiefs/Teenage Fanclub.

Yesterday, btw, I was deeply in love with CD2 from MG Deluxe edition.

Well, that's it for this last couple of weeks, but I may add that I've a
passion for Stax-Volt catalog and "So sad about us", in my humble, humble
opinion, is the best piece of music written in the past century.


2007/6/15, Joe Lewinski <lewinski at icanon.com>:
> What I'm listening to.
> In car - CD player - Quad demos (I cycle through Dirty Jobs / I'm One).
> Ipod with I Trip for the car - Nick Drake (lots of tunes from his
> whole catalog)
>          Favorite at the moment is a nice cascading number called Hazy
> Jane.
> Ipod with noise cancelling head-phones while cutting grass or trying to
>          tune out the world - songs ripped from an old Zombies tape.  Time
>          Of the Zombies..., also Filter (Take a Picture), Ok Go (Here
> It Goes Again).
>          Lots of songs from the 80s (GoGo's), Pretenders, WHO Magic Bus -
>          Some White Stripes - Basically anything loud !
> Ipod - at work writing software  - Who Sell out (whole album
>          - even though the order of the songs
>          is wrong).  I love Medac / Relax.  That organ at the
> beginning gets me
>          going....   The Who should do this now that Rabbit is back!
> Joe in Philly
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