Roger's throat

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Fri Jun 15 12:28:14 CDT 2007

Kevin wrote:

 > Interesting that this time Pete and gang decided to play on with Pete
singing, instead of re-scheduling.
And, as expected the fan review on LLR expressed frustration with that

 > I, personally, would have loved it....for the variety aspect......not
the same show as the others.
I'd imagine I wouldn't be alone from this list with that feeling.

I agree.  They are more than capable of entertaining with the team 
they have.  Pete, Simon and Rabbit should be
planning for this with songs rehearsed at the ready.
Missed opportunities to WOW the crowd with back catalog
numbers.    Roger can play guitar, tambourine, mouth
organ... stand in awe....

Joe in Philly

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