Some variety - Roger's throat

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Fri Jun 15 11:31:09 CDT 2007

>Jim M nakedi
>Some variety
>By their position in the set, it seems like they were planned changes,
rather than a result of Roger's weather related 
>voice issues, which came later.  Apparently Pete sang the last three

What the *HELL* is going on with Roger's throat???
This seems very odd and I'm starting to get that "uh, it's something
else" feeling.
This has been going on for some 6 months now!
Has it been that long?

Interesting that this time Pete and gang decided to play on with Pete
singing, instead of re-scheduling.
And, as expected the fan review on LLR expressed frustration with that
I, personally, would have loved it....for the variety aspect......not
the same show as the others.
I'd imagine I wouldn't be alone from this list with that feeling.

Kevin in VT

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