Be Keith Moon for a day

Fri Jun 15 07:53:39 CDT 2007

one very cheap way to refurbish a hotel isn't it? hope the who themselves 
didn't stay there by some chance whilst on their current tour. ha. 

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brianinatlanta2001 at writes:

> Chance to trash a hotel room 
> A SPANISH hotel chain is offering stressed executives the chance to let off 
> steam in rock star Keith Moon style - by smashing hotel rooms. 
> NH Hoteles will allow 30 people chosen by a team of psychologists to help 
> demolish the interior of the 11-year old NH Alcala hotel in central Madrid as 
> part of its refurbishment, it said.
> The chosen 30, armed with mallet and hard hat, can destroy any part of the 
> 146-room building, NH said, from bringing down walls to smashing windows.

 See what's free at

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