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>From the Italian via Google Translator: 

The not firm rain the Who myth 
Suspended concert two times. Roger Daltrey loses the voice but the show she continues 

The rain can bathe the theater box, push people under the arcovoli of the Arena and stop in order nearly an hour the concert. The cold wind of the evening can remove the voice to Roger Daltrey, singer and frontman. But nothing can stop The Who.

Before (and only) given the Italian one of tour European 2007 of the band English of "My generation" was yesterday begun evening to the Arena of Verona under the thunders of a thunderstorm far away that it has been made threatening after the exhibition of the band of support, the Americans Rose Hill Drive. The Who hardly makes in time to begin the set, passing in review fast and determines one to you handful of brani, between which "The Seeker", "Substitute", "Fragments" and "Who Are You", than the rain and the wind they soak the theater box. "Hey, of usual the rain bathes you, and not me!", it exclaims astonished Pete Townshend before sheltering himself with the others behind the theater box, while the thunderstorm explodes. The crowd follows them, in the sense that is sheltered under the arcovoli of the amphitheater while on Verona the cloudburst is pulled down. The first voices are not encouraging: "They will not continue the concert", "they are trying an other date for
 being able to return to Verona", and also the fan more upset they are gone around with the sad faces. Then spiove, on the theater box the first technicians who try the system and others appear that supply to remove burlaps. He is shared, between the usual to toss about of umbrellas and colored raincoats. But it is a moment: Roger Daltrey attacks "Behind Blue Eyes" and to second chorus the voice the "part", exiting hoarse. “My voice is cooled", and down a curse, continuation from an escape in small room. The others are watched in face and leave the stage, between roars and hiss. When they re-enter, Pete is accompanied by Roberto De Luca, promoter of Milan Concerts that translate the words of Townshend. "The voice of Roger if it has gone. We are indeed regutfully we cannot continue the concert. I could play something but we will not succeed to make the concert". Still it hisses and screams, while De Luca adds: "We pray You to wait for little still…", hoping perhaps to make
 to change idea to the band English. Dev' to be just therefore because after not even ten minutes all return on the theater box, comprised Roger that it says: "When I make show and a voice it goes some, I do not succeed to resume it… but which me is remained you I will give all. And you will help me". And he is what he will happen. From then on The Who will continue the concert for an other hour, between songs you execute with voice hoarse (a true crime to ruin "Baba Or' Riley" but tant' is…), songs executed from Pete as singer ("The Kids Are Alright" but also "Eminence Front", always sung from he) and songs are executed from Roger with remarkable courage, like one which had "Magic Bus", rhythm to the Bo Diddley and voice hoarse, too much hoarse. Even if Daltrey is engaged to the mouth harmonica, the result only serves to carry to house one evening sprain. To "Pinball Wizard" it does not arrive and it leaves that she is people to sing, at least the chorus to us knows to
 them. The end is dedicated to songs that have made the history of music rock, bathes to you, wrings and throws you to the crowd, bathed and () moderately happy. After "The Kids Are Alright", with a solo shocking of Townshend, "My generation" and "Won't Get Fooled Again". It exceeds the 60 years to you, The Who are confirmed of true the hard ones. But still more tenacious and strong-willed person is their public, faithful and stoic under the rain and the wind. People therefore, music of the Who if she deserves it all. 
Giulio Brusati 

-Brian in Atlanta 
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