Pete interview in Seud Deutsche, Part 2

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Sp: They supply the next question on the tray to me
with: What do you hold from the version of "My
generation", by which the old person Combo became
world-famous "The Zimmers" in the Internet?

Townshend: When the inquiry came because of the
rights, I thought: Why not? My mother is 86, and she
does not have it easily. She would have to be cared
for, her needs therapy, but she lives alone and wants
to have nobody around herself. She could have still
ten wonderful years, but she drinks, she raves, she
makes themselves everything so heavy. When I saw
"Zimmers" then on Youtube, I had to laugh. With the
exception of the singer, who is a senile old
nincompoop, everything pleased me to it, particularly
the choir.

Sp: Merrily, as the old persons sing: "Talking' bout
my generation".

Townshend: I like a singing in the municipality, I
dear choirs. I am musicians, drum I it will not do,
but otherwise I could introduce myself to occur with
seventy a theatre association and acquire an opera

Sp: And that the old persons the hymn of the eternal
youth parody?

Townshend: Whereupon I am proud! As an author one
feels then like a composer, who wrote a Volkslied.
That was always for me the problem as a composer of
the Who: There one writes Songs and must her then
condemned once again also speak.

Sp: Mick Jagger spoke already decades ago of the fact
that the rock n' roll had used itself. 

Townshend: I was come in the same end as he and 1982
the Who left, it went no longer. It had become the
world of the Synthesizer and computer music and the
strange hair-styles. The punchline is: I did not
continue, but as a lector in a publishing house did
not work, but Mick continued. I was at that time the
opinion that the rock n' roll with its symbolism, thus
with the guitar, the almost physicalness, which could
not impress public any longer. Amusing way is it now
again there, I know not, why.

Sp: I saw you previous year on the stage, you to
scrubbing brushes like in former times over the
guitar, but you do not jump any longer into air. 

Townshend: I am 62. Mick works completely differently
actually than I. He eats nearly nothing, and he does
not have gram fat at the body. I have the luck that I
am healthy. I drink and do not smoke and for twenty
years no more drugs took, which differentiates me from
most young, which once to ours roast luggage belonged.

Sp: Roger Daltrey says also that he is complete clean.

Townshend: But he has more difficulties with his
health. It is interesting however not that we
continue, but make like we it. The group functions

Sp: But the Who is nevertheless only more two people,
you and Daltrey.

Townshend: I believe that John Entwistle's death
helped us 2002 in the regard. Since that time our
interaction is much closer. We became better both.
Roger wants to conquer the public each show, while it
is perfectly wurscht me.

Sp: That is arrogant and above all lied.

Townshend: Me interests something else. I seem myself
like a Installateur, I want good work to deliver.
Roger is the connecting piece.

Sp: One obviously dies in your industry, in the skirt'
n' roll, very early, or one develops to a wise, old,
actually unsterblichen Bluesmusiker. Keith Richards
must have clean-pulled itself tonnenweise cocaine, but
he participates still good.

Townshend: I believe, have he morphine to owe. But the
Germans really earned all applause, for the invention
of heroin.

Sp: The Germans invented that?

Townshend: But, the chemist was called in such a way,
Dr. Heroin. Check times. (The interviewer checked at
home. Invented it an English chemist, but the good
German company Bayer developed the procedure further
and let it under the term "heroin" patent.) as my
father in dying lay, suffered it under strong pain. It
hung to drips, said however: "I want to try it times
and set it off." When I visited it on the next day, I
expected a smiling face. Instead he cried me on:
"Disappear! Strike off! I did enough for you!" It was
again attached, and the last two weeks with it were
paradise. That was morphine. Not heroin kills one, but
that, with which it is blended.

Sp: Moment times, we talk about the worst drugs.

Townshend: I would not like to publicise the heroin
benefit here, but you can talk with each physician,
with each sister: Without heroin the life would be the
pure horror. I believe that as an artist succeeded to
me so much, because I was occupied with this things.
Today that can be done, without the public or I must
be numb. 

Sp: Charlie Watts, the Drummer of the "Rolling
Stones", began to take also over forty heroin, after
he had despised up to then its buddies for it that
they were drug dependent.

Townshend: I do not understand that also. Charlie
seems to come anyway from another world, anachronism.
Or Bill Wyman, which finally stopped simply and is
very lucky with seventy and without Rolling Stones.
Ronnie Wood has his difficulties with drugs, Keith
Richards has it, and also Mick Jagger has its
problems: a unfortunate, failed marriage, everywhere
children scatters.
Sp: Anyhow it came around.

Townshend: The artistic-creative fear with the Rolling
Stones is a sexual, and it comes not from Keith, but
from Mick. That has this powerful disturbing
Sexuality, which himself on the stage, in which music
expresses, in its Songs. Mick is a good, good, good
man, but his Sexuality loads him. Keith is the perfect
foil for Mick, because he does not worry about this
sexual athlete. Sex is the latter, which interests
one, if one is busy with heroin.

Sp: You know, because them...

Townshend: I took heroin, briefly completely, for
therapeutic reasons. The physicians have me asked,
whether I could arrive at pure heroin, and it to me
then recommended. Were three months. The best to it
was that Sex did not interest me any longer. There
were two or three girls, with whom I had to do at that
time. They unconditionally loved me, them admired me,
probably, because I was so nice.

Sp: How did you loose-come again of it, from heroin?

Townshend: I am to California and of a single therapy
underwent. I have large sympathy with all these young,
with all out my generation, also with Paul McCartney,
who went through degrees so terrible. My friend is
very young, her is only 33.

Sp: And it never so which would make like Heather

Townshend: That I would not have remembered not. If
one sees oneself from the outside, one thinks: a joke,
the old person and its young friend. Before twenty
years we in this age away from the window would have
been, and that completely suddenly changed itself. One
was prepared there to become a little with the dog to
outside go into peace 63 and be slowly forgotten. And
then they do not let go one. It is a shock.

-Brian in Atlanta
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