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"The Who" solves promise in volume enthusiastically to
the tour prelude

Fulda - rock legends hold word: With the start on
Saturday in Fulda to a renewed Germany route "The Who"
redeem their promise of the past summer. "We arise
2007 again with you", Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey
on the open air tour at that time had promised.

The British inspired approximately 5000 fans with
their two-hour show of full energy and play joy and
with some surprise with the route start on however the
open air area "fair gallery" not sold off. Even Elvis
had thereby on a canvas a large appearance. 

The occurrence of "The Who" was not any longer in such
a way moved and eccentric as after the establishment
that volume in the year 1964. Where costumes failed in
former times were in demand, in the meantime simple
T-shirts and shirts are enough. The Songs of the
formation however lost nothing from her dragging along
Kraft and Faszination.

Perhaps "The Who" are not any more, like so often in
its successful career, their time ahead. On the height
of the time they presented themselves however with
their route start very probably. That was on the one
hand because of the music, which does not sound any
longer so in a revolutionary manner, but still so
freshly as always. In addition those supplied each
quantity of pictures to volume with: On an enormous
canvas behind the stage "Quadrophenia" various video
projections ran beside cutouts from the filmed album.

Something homage to good old Rock'n'Roll times could
also be: Townshend did just as little without air
jumps and its brand name, the circling arm movement
with guitar plays, as Daltrey eager stolled about of
the microphone. Two varied and entertaining hours long
inspired "The Who" their fans, whereby the first
addition Song took nearly twenty minutes: the
classical author "Pinball Wizard" from the musical
"Tommy". This Song provided exactly the same as
already for the end of the official part "My
generation" for a high point of the tendency, which in
addition, with the other hits as well as with Songs
from "Endless Wire", which 2006 published first Studio
album for 24 years, was very good.

Often however the public, which belonged to the
generation of the Mr. Townshend (class 1945) and
Daltrey (1944) to large parts, was limited to rather
cosy contemporaries and left wild freak outs unites
few. Even if Townshend said recently in interviews the
fact that money is an argument for current tours made
the impression for veterans that they have quite fun
on the stage.

In the course of the evening Daltrey and Townshend
dismissed also times their musical fellow combatants,
under it Townshend's younger brother Simon (guitar)
and Ringo Starr's son Zak star key (Drums), from the
stage and showed alone or too secondly that The Who
Songs function also in such a way. They did not save
with nice words for their fans. Townshend about
regretted the visitors that they had been rained on
with the appearance of the Vorband "The Cult": "The
rain is the benediction of God", tried it to console.
Daltrey chatted from the sewing small box the fact
that Elvis Presley his life changed and to the music
making inspired him. He dedicated the Song to him
"Real Good Looking Boy", to which pictures Presleys
ran over the canvas.

The recent and thereby tenth Germany tour of The Who
is first for ten years, on which they will play
resounding concerts predominantly. The next concerts
are in Munich (13,6.), Leipzig (16,6.), Hamburg
(18,6.) and upper living (19,6.).

-Brian in Atlanta
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