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Sun Jun 10 07:17:51 CDT 2007

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The Who rockten on the Fuldaer fair gallery 
Great tendency and luck with the weather 

FULDA (chw) for only five concerts come The Who in June to Germany, one of it it last night into Fulda completed. Great tendency prevailed on the fair gallery. Inspired the fans - many of them had far traveled - from first to the last Song went along. The group around singers Roger Daltrey and guitarist Pete Townshend convinced the fans in Fulda on the whole line. Naturally classical author was not missing like „My generation “or „to Tommy “. As Vorband The Cult played. And also the weather played also, although it did not look so good at the beginning: A rainstorm durchnässte the visitors before the concert, during the The Who show fell then however not one rain drop. Many further pictures of the concert find you in our picture gallery. 

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