The future (no who)

John pureneasy at
Sat Jun 9 11:20:45 CDT 2007

Kevin, re

> > wolfmother are pretty good too (though I don't have any of their

Only one so far, which is a good one, and one in the pipeline.

As to the future, I find myself more and more retreating into the 60's
and 70's rock which passed me by at the time, as the current crop of
bands simply aren't good enough or original to excite my taste.

This isn't to say that there won't ever be a "new" band that I won't
like, but more importantly has staying power - but out of the mid to
late '70's (ie the appearance of punk) the only new band with any
staying power for me were the Pretenders, the 80's had Def Leppard and
Iron Maiden, the '90's Metallica, and that's it. 

I recently described this year's Glastonbury line up as poor, but was
reminded  by someone that I probably wouldn't if I was aged between 18
and 25. I have to agree with that;-)


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