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> The ultra conservative, racist/sexist society of the 50's, or maybe the
> war in the 60's?
> If you think about it, the 60's were a fight against the 50's.
> Pick a side!

the 50's was when rock n' roll was in its infancy. you can't tell me that 
there's nothing to look back on fondly in the 50's when you had Little richard 
breaking down not just racial barriers but sexual barriers, and the same with 
elvis, same with Jerry Lee Lewis, chuck berry etc. in their own ways. there was 
some great music then. bit tame compared to now obviously, but still great 
music. the fact that these artists pretty much raised their middle finger up to 
that "racist / sexist" ultra conservative society that you mentioned, whether 
they were willing to or not, is something to look back on with a smile I think. 
 and those artists influenced the bands that would help shape the 60's. the 
who included.   not to mention some fine films from that decade, "rebel without 
a cause", "the wild one" etc.  60's had some great films then too. and 
nowadays, there are still some good films being released. sure, not every movie 
released is a good one, but that's always been the case when you think about it. 

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