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Who, frisky dinosaurs in Bercy

L'history of love of Who with France started in June 1965. It was the first European country visited by the group out of Great Britain. The history continues: on June 6, the general sports Palais of Paris-Bercy resounds of “Who! Who! Who! Who!” chanted by an enthusiastic public.

Original group, remaining the singer Roger Daltrey and the guitarist Pete Townshend. The memory of the drummer insane Keith Moon, died in 1978, and of the impassive bass player John Entwistle, died in 2002, passes as of the first title, I Can't Explain, with its legendary scenic images: Marquee in 1964, Pop Monterey Festival in 1967, Woodstock in 1969, Wight in 1970… Then Daltrey and Townshend balance their successes, all kinds of anthems - Substitute, Who Are You, My Generation, The Kids Are Alright, Won't Get Fooled Again, of the titles of Tommy - slip of the extracts of the last album, Endless Wire (AZ/Universal Music) - whose epic Fragments and, with the recall, Tea and Theatre - and of the scarcities of their repertory.

Townshend, assisted by his Simon brother with the guitar, is affirmed as a major soloist. Side spectacle, the winches of arm are there but more the jumps. Daltrey launches his microphone in the airs. Even less higher than at one time, that always impresses. As for Zak Starkey with the drums, if it handles the bearing “in” Keith Moon, it avoids the sterile imitation.

With the ray scarcities, there are The Seeker, Drowned, extract of the album concept Quadrophenia (1973), Eminence Face, Real Good Looking Boy, a homage to Elvis Presley, with photographs of King in bottom. In Drowned, Townshend, only with the acoustic guitar, is made a formidable emotion blues; in Eminence Face, a forgotten song of 1982, he plays a condensed, intense solo. Since June 2006, Who are in a round apparently without end which knew only two months of rest. Not such a long time ago, the group was described as “dinosaur of the rock'n'roll”. In Bercy, it had proud pace. 

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